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Andrea Balietti / Bianca Battilocchi / Maurizio Boldrini / Ivana Bora / Giuditta Chiaraluce / Silvio Craia 

Ivo Consalvi / Vincenzo Consalvi Corrado Costa / Simone Doria / Franco Ferrara Osvaldo Licini / Elisabetta Moriconi

Magdalo Mussio / Giovanni Prosperi / Mariano Prosperi Nazzareno Rocchetti / Stefano Scodanibbio / Emilio Villa

 Aby Warburg

Let us imagine that we still are at the beginning. Let us imagine that a wizard traces a fable that can be read as a geography of commonalities and migrations. A fable that can be read as a memorial of the voyage where the Ogham (the ancient Irish alphabet, the provenance of cinema, the double gesture of engraving lines on the stone and on the film) encounters and mingles with Giuditta Chiaraluce's drawings and the pictorial rooms of Magdalo Mussio and Mariano Prosperi: atlantes, sewn papers, tarots that we have spread along the places where we have lived for nine months. Let us also imagine that the wizard, waking up, carries objects recollected in the memory of the gestures performed with them: the stone and the star outlined in the drawing of the carpet. Following these three figures, we have built an exhibition, and before that, we invented a film, which was shot almost entirely in Ireland, titled Nell'insonnia di avere insorte la luce, as a Franco Ferrara's verse; he who was the poet of the word in exodus, of the word which tells the doves about the inadequacy of the nests. Not only are our correspondences vicinities but also approaches, encounters, letters, proposals of etymologies: if the sky is a huge poem, the Braille pierced on the night of the film will be its Celestial Alphabet. (It will be necessary to write the catalogue of the vowels again, as indicated by Corrado Costa). Correspondences, we were saying, and therefore the overturn in the liquid game of the Idrologias (the ones created oy Villa, Craia and Cegna), which manifest, invent the world from scratch, like in a cassette of Vince arrived from Valle Cascia: a kind of sounding cosmogony. Here it is revealed that the pyramid m Killiney Hill (overturned twice in the ruins of Glendalough) has already been told by Aby Warburg in the ritual of the snake. It may be another dream climbed by Osvaldo Licini or sculpted by Ivo Consalvi. And so forth, from the iris to the flower, in the voyage that does not end or tire: Voyage thatnever ends.

Giorgiomaria Cornelio and Lucamatteo Rossi

August 2017

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