Giorgiomaria Cornelio (14th January 1997) and Lucamatteo Rossi (3rd December 1996) founded the atlas Navegasión in 2016. The same year they presented the film “Every bush a god that burns” on the 52nd edition of the International Film Festival of Pesaro and won the ISPEC CINEMA Special Award Locarno 2016 (the film has been also included in the selection of Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2018). In parallel with their second film (“Nell’insonnia di avere in sorte la luce”), they curated the exhibition “Like the grave of a stone, like the cradle of a star” which was hosted in the Italian gallery Philosofarte, in the Marienbad Film Festival and in Trinity College Dublin, where they both study. They also collaborated with Franko B in the performance “Playtime” and the collective exhibition “Young at heart, old on the skin”. In 2019, they curated an Openshop -hosted by Science Gallery Dublin- and they presented an installation during the Asolo Art Film Festival. In the same year, the also inaugurated their first theatrical work (“Elagabalus”) for “Rassegna Crisalidi”. Giorgiomaria is also a writer. His articles have been published in blogs and magazines such as ArtNoise, Nazione Indiana, Le Parole e le Cose, Anterem, Il Manifesto, Il Tascabile, Doppiozero. He won the prize Opera Prima (Anterem) with the work "La Promessa Focaia". He is the curator of the online film catalogue “La Camera Ardente" (The burning Camera).